The capital is Limenas, which is the “first taste ” of your island if you take the ferry from Keramoti. It is a city full of picturesque houses on one is the sea and the other dense pine forest.


The historic village Theologos is located 220 meters above sea level, in the mountains of Thassos. Until the middle of last century was the village of the island. Today it is a lively village with many residents.


Unique in the world Gkiola or else the Teardrop of Venus is a natural rocky pool is created in Astris area. The green waters, which is warmer than the sea, have a depth of about three meters.


At the top of the seaside hill stands the old house with brown brick called ” palace “. The building was the headquarters of the German company that exploited the iron mines of the island at the beginning of the century.


The village “Maries” is one of the oldest villages of Thassos. It is built in a ravine at a high altitude. From the old times there were iron mines, now abandoned distinguished the ravine right in the village.


After Astris will find the Monastery of Archangel, a convent dedicated to the patron of the island, the Archangel Michael.