Reaching Potos the visitor sees the most cosmopolitan “village” of Thassos, full of vitality. Having gained the “stigma” of more fun in every summer attracts young people from all over Greece and abroad.


Along the beautiful and scenic beach area about 1.5 km there are taverns and bars where the morning you can enjoy your coffee, afternoon idyllic sunset and night… and here begins the night ends.


If nevertheless the night for you is just beginning, at 2 km there are clubs and if you prefer something more serious in conjunction with something traditional to 8km taverns with live music and wonderful traditional food.


Various shops are created to anticipate your every need: supermarkets, bakeries, bakeries, butcher shops, handicrafts shops, clothes, traditional sweets such as the well – known nut and jewelers.


You can also buy honey, olives and oil. The olives are genuine Throumpes and “wrinkling” them is on the tree. The oil is of excellent quality. The wine from the variety “Georgina” one of the first of the ancient world.