3 Aug

Theatrical performance ” The Apple ” in Limenaria and Limenas

"THE APPLE" is a hilarious comedy eiiche presented with huge artistic success in 2011-12 in Athens, Thessaloniki and a small summer tour around Greece, 
on the current relations between men and women. An issue timely than ever with laughter, emotion, tenderness and many twists. John (ANTONIS LOUDAROS), 
in Athens, the crisis of today is a civil servant would be pleased to become deputy if not fifteen years- but above all he is interested in his personal life,
 and a woman for "home". Sofia (Natalia Dragoumi) is ambitious and rising channel member, fanatical of show biz and wants to become a director if not 
Chanel owner - and certainly not if he marry immediately unless he is tall and successful! never no way these two people bite "apple", get married, 
start a family and be HAPPY? And when they happen that will react? Especially when they have two diametrically opposed mothers, the "Politissa 'mother 
(COSTAS VOUTSA) and the" lady "mother (GEORGE Constantine) who want to take full control over their lives, their personal relationships and want to see" 
married "them, as they themselves want ...!

Actors: ΑΝΤΩΝΗ ΛΟΥΔΑΡΟ, ΝΑΤΑΛΙΑ ΔΡΑΓΟΥΜΗΤον ΓΙΩΡΓΟ ΚΩΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΥ στο ρόλο της αρχόντισσας πεθεράς…

Και τον ΚΩΣΤΑ ΒΟΥΤΣΑ στο ρόλο της Πολίτισσας πεθεράς!


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